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License Information

Applicants for licensing in the State of West Virginia are required to meet the criteria set forth in the Veterinary Law and Rules.  Each applicant must submit a completed application to the Board and must pass the WV State Jurisprudence Exam.

License Types


License is active and veterinarian is in good standing.


Not available at this time.


A license that has not been renewed.

Temporary Emergency License

A temporary license for WV State of Emergencies.

Types of Licenses with Disciplinary Action


License is on probation for a specific period of time as ordered by a Consent Agreement/Final Order with the Board.


License is on suspension for a specific period of time as ordered by a Consent Agreement/ Final Order with the Board.


License is revoked by a Final Order with the Board.

License Renewals

Licenses are renewed each calendar year and are due by December 31.  Renewals submitted after December 31 require payment of a late fee. Online renewals are available from October 1 – February 15.  If you do not wish to renew online, you may submit your renewal form to the Board office.


An expired license may be reinstated within 5 years of the date of its expiration by completing and providing the following:

  • Renewal form for the current year
  • Renewal form for all expired years
  • Documentation of having completed the required continuing education in each delinquent year
  • Current renewal fee
  • All previous delinquent renewal fees.

If a license has been expired more than 5 years, an application for licensure must be submitted and the applicant must be scheduled to take the WV State Jurisprudence Exam at next test date.

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