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Application Checklist

Application for License - Fee $300 (Additional $35 for purchase of Practice Act)

Applicants have 30 days from being notified by the Board of their eligibility to take the jurisprudence exam or their file will be closed with no issuance of license.  All fees are non-refundable.

Required Backup Documentation

All evidence and information described in this section may be provided though AAVSB, where available through AAVSB

Backup documentation is not required to be submitted with the licensure application; the documents may be sent separately. 

  • Birth Certificate – certified copy (photocopies will not be accepted)
  • Name Change –birth name differs from current name
    • Marriage License – certified copy (photocopies will not be accepted)
    • Divorce Decree – certified copy (photocopies will not be accepted)
  • Photograph
    • A current photograph of the applicant. Applicant shall be alone in the photograph. 
  • Citizenship
    • If you are not a United States citizen, please provide proof of naturalization or authority to reside and work in the United States.
  • Education – AVMA Accredited
    • Certified copy of your transcripts of record from the school or college of veterinary medicine attended which shows applicant’s educational qualifications, including the name, location of the school, and the date the degree was awarded.
  • Education – Non AVMA Accredited or Foreign Graduates
    • The Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) or Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence (PAVE) certificate
  • Passing Exam Scores – must be submitted to the Board directly from AAVSB/VIVA.
    • North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE)
      • If approved for NAVLE through WV, we have your NAVLE scores on file, so you do not need them submitted from the reporting service
    • National Board Exam (NBE) and Clinical Competency Exam (CCE)
  • Licensure Information (if applicable)
    • Verification of licensure from all jurisdictions where you now or have ever held a veterinary license. Must be submitted to the board directly from the licensing board.
  • Federal Criminal Background check – effective July 1, 2018 (NEW REQUIREMENT)
    • Click here for instructions to obtain electronic fingerprints - Only done in WV, PA, NY, and TX
    • Click here for instructions to obtain manual fingerprinting - Required for out of state other than PA, NY, and TX  
    • Please be advised, the federal background checks done on fingerprint cards could take several weeks to process. If possible, for faster results, you can register at a WV, PA, NY, or, TX IndentoGO location for electronic background checks.   

WV State Jurisprudence Exam

  • Applicants must take and pass the online WV state jurisprudence exam for licensure.
    • If applicant cannot test on a computer, they may make an appointment to take the exam online in the Board office or at a location approved by the Board.
  • Applicants are eligible to test once all required documents including a passing national score and fees are received.
  • An email and letter will be sent to the applicant advising they are eligible to take the exam.
    • Applicants have 30 days from being notified by the Board of their eligibility to take the jurisprudence exam or their file will be closed.
  • Jurisprudence exams taken October 1 – December 31 will have an expiration date for the next year.
  • Special accommodations must be requested to the Board for approval.
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