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News from the WV Board of Veterinary Medicine


  • Student Allowable Duties

    Approved by the WV Board of Veterinary Medicine
    Effective January 9, 2020

    A person who is a regular student in an accredited or approved college of veterinary medicine is not prohibited from performing duties or actions assigned by instructors or preceptors or working under the direct supervision of a licensed veterinarian. It been interpreted that a licensed veterinarian or clinical faculty at such a veterinary college must directly supervise the student during any procedure, which does include surgery. The supervising veterinarian retains the responsibility for any adverse outcomes.

  • HB4813- Repeal RVT and CAET’s – Please Reach out to Your Delegates

    HB 4813 was introduced today by Delegates Brandon Steele and Geoff Foster repealing Registered Veterinary Technicians and Certified Animal Euthanasia Technicians. This bill is first referenced to House Agriculture and Natural Resources and the committee members are listed below. The WV Board of Veterinary Board of Medicine would appreciate your help with notifying your delegate requesting they do not put this bill on their agenda.  There are 37 states that regulate veterinary technicians including all our neighboring states.  Listed below are reasons why the professions should be regulated and job functions that are essential for Registered Veterinary Technicians and Certified Animal Euthanasia Technicians.  Regulation ensures the following:   Protection to the health, safety, and wellbeing of the public and animal patients. A minimum level of competence is met through recognized educational programs and successful completion of an examination. After initial licensure, licensees must continue to receive education and updated training throughout their careers. The boards investigate complaints. The licensure and disciplinary process is critical to professional accountability, and guards against unqualified individuals harming animal health and welfare and failing to protect public health. Licensees are familiar with, and understand, the state’s laws and regulations governing their professions. Verifies criminal history and disciplinary in other jurisdictions. Registered Veterinary Technicians Because of the following job functions of a Veterinary Technician, registration is essential: Operate anesthetic equipment.  Store, handle, and safely dispose of pharmacological and biological agents. Recognize classifications of drugs, their mechanisms, and clinically relevant side effects. Utilize knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology as it applies to emergency medicine and critical care. Administer medications via the appropriate routes (e.g., aural, intravenous, subcutaneous). Perform clinical diagnostic procedures (including but not limited to blood pressure measurement, electrocardiography, and oximetry) to aid in diagnosis and prognosis. Certified Animal Euthanasia Technicians Because of the following job functions of an Animal Euthanasia Technician, certification is essential: Perform euthanasia correctly and humanely. Attend an initial training conducted by the Board and pass a written and practical exam. Properly restrain an animal. Measure a correct dosage of euthanasia solution. Locate an injection site and perform an injection. Handle, inventory, secure and proper storage of euthanasia drugs, solutions and syringes. Animal Euthanasia Technicians must be certified in order to receive a DEA permit and to order drugs.  Knowledge of record keeping requirements for controlled substances.  Below is contact information for the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee members Roy Cooper (R - Summers, 28) Delegate Cooper - Chair Agriculture (304) 340-3119   Martin Atkinson III (R - Roane, 11) Assistant Majority Whip (304) 340-3185   Scott Cadle (R - Mason, 13) Assistant Majority Whip (304) 882-3686   Terri Funk Sypolt (R - Preston, 52) (304) 340-3160   William G. Hartman (D - Randolph, 43) (304) 340-3178   Tim Tomblin (D - Logan, 24) (304) 340-3174   Robert Thompson (D - Wayne, 19) (304) 340-3355   Evan Hansen (D - Monongalia, 51) (304) 340-3125 Bill Anderson (R - Wood, 08) (304) 340-3168   Jeff Campbell (D - Greenbrier, 42) (304) 340-3131   Mark Dean (R - Mingo, 21) (304) 340-3265   John Paul Hott (R - Grant, 54) (304) 340-3399   Joe Jeffries (R - Putnam, 22) (304) 340-3113   David Kelly (R - Tyler, 06) (304) 340-3226   Cindy Lavender-Bowe (D - Greenbrier, 42) (304) 340-3129   Daniel Linville (R - Cabell, 16)  (304) 340-3277   Chuck Little (R - Wirt, 09) (304) 481-1929   Tony Paynter (R - Wyoming, 25)  (304) 340-3163   Chris Phillips (R - Barbour, 47) (304) 340-3398   Ralph Rodighiero (D - Logan, 24) (304) 340-3297   Isaac Sponaugle (D - Pendleton, 55) Assistant Minority Whip  (304) 340-3154   Randy Swartzmiller (D - Hancock, 01) Assistant Minority Whip (304) 340-3120   Steve Westfall (R - Jackson, 12)  (304) 340-3140   S Marshall Wilson (I - Berkeley, 60) (304) 340-3147   Lisa Zukoff (D - Marshall, 04) Assistant Minority Whip (304) 340-3111
  • Certified Animal Euthanasia CE Training - April 24, 2020

    Stonewall Resort, 940 Resort Drive, Roanoke, WV.  Training 9am - 5pm.   Click this link to make your reservations online or call 304-269-7400 and mention you are reserving a room from the block of rooms for the WV Board of Veterinary Medicine.   Deadline to reserve your room at the $140.00 rate is March 24, 2020.  
  • DEA Initial and Biennial Controlled Substance Inventory Forms

    A DEA initial and biennial inventory is a requirement for the inspection of a facility.  You may use the forms listed below or use them as a reference to create your own, as long as all items from the form are listed.  DEA Initial Inventory Form DEA Biennial Inventory Form Please feel free to contact the Board office if you have questions or concerns.  
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