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Controlled Substances Monitoring Program (CSMP) \Mandatory Requirements - Current Topics

Controlled Substances Monitoring Program (CSMP) \Mandatory Requirements

  • Veterinarians (practitioners) who prescribe or dispense controlled substances,  must register with the WV CSMP database (§60a-9-5a (a) 
  • With this access, practitioners can obtain controlled substance prescription histories for their patients
  • Practitioners may also view their own controlled substance prescribing history with this account  
  • Information regarding all dispensed controlled substances must be entered into this database every 24 hours
  • Pursuant to §60a-9-4 (e), the quantity dispensed to your patient may not exceed an amount adequate to treat the patient for a maximum of 72 hours with no greater than two, 72-hour cycles dispensed in any 15  day period of time. 
  • Drugs administered directly to a patient by the Veterinarian are not required to be entered into the CSMP database.

 Below is the controlled substance database information:             


Register as a “Prescriber”

Must have a DEA Number

Use NPI Number #1110001111

Use Zip Code #25301  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Goff, Acting Executive Director  with the WV Board of Pharmacy at 304-558-0558 or

For clarification on the controlled substance monitoring and the new regulation for opioids, click here for questions and the answers that we have received from the WV Board of  Pharmacy.  Please contact the Board should you have questions that are not answered on this list. 

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