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Controlled Substance Register

During facility inspections, it has come to our attention that some facilities are using a controlled substance record that the Board provided in 2011.  This is no longer a Board requirement as long as you have a register that provides the below required information:

5.3.h.  A veterinarian that has a Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number and uses, dispenses, administers or prescribes controlled substances shall comply with the federal and state laws pertaining to the dispensing, prescribing, storage and usage of controlled substances; including maintaining a register, which shall indicate the following:

                  5.3.h.1.  The name of the prescribing veterinarian;

                  5.3.h.2.  The name of the medication dispensed or prescribed;

                  5.3.h.3.  The quantity dispensed or prescribed;

                  5.3.h.4.  The dosage of the medication, if applicable;

                  5.3.h.5.  The number of refills;

                  5.3.h.6.  The date of the dispensing or prescribing;

                  5.3.h.7.  The patient name and name of the client record;

                  5.3.h.8.  The expiration date;

                  5.3.h.9.  The method used for prescribing, such as written script, phone, fax or any other electronic means; and

                  5.3.h.10.  The name and phone number of the pharmacy or pharmaceutical agent which received the script from the veterinarian, if not delivered directly to the client.


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